Sam Monet, Board Chairman


Mr. Monet's local roots are deep in Hawaiian history, its lands and its people.  Part Hawaiian, his English ancestors came to the Sandwich Isles in 1840.  On their vessel, the barkentine "Don Quixote" the Lindsey family transported and traded goods between and islands.  They built the first steam driven lumber mill on the big island.   A general contractor, real estate broker, commercial property manager, hydroponic farmer and energy consultant.  Committed to renewable energy, Mr. Monet has been responsible for approximately 4 mega watts of renewable energy systems on Oahu in the last 4 years.

Rebellite Kawena Johnson, Vice Chair


Sailor, educator, philospher, environmentalist, historian, author, comedian, an inspiration, Emeritus Professor of Hawaiian Studies, University of Hawaii - author: modern translation -The Kumulipo, chant of creation.

Louis "Buzzy" Agard, Director

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WWII veteran, pilot, fisherman, businessman, environmentalist who was the driving force behind Papahanaumokuakea the northwest Hawaiian Islands marine sanctuary, the largest marine reserve in the United States

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