Kumulipo Studios, organized and controlled entirely by Native Hawaiians, is a non-profit organization that began work in 2005 in the native Hawaiian community.

Kumulipo, the Hawaiian Chant of Creation, understanding evolution 2,500 years before Charles Darwin

Our Vision

Educate our people in the wisdom of the environmental Kapu through our acts and videos.

Our Mission 

Protect our island home from the devastating effects of global warming through our vision.


Halihali mai ‘oe i ka po‘e lahui Hawai‘i.  Ka ala nui Ea like me ke ka‘awila.

Imua a i hope.  Ma lela no hana like kakou, a‘ole hakaka, a‘ole hukihuki, ALU LIKE.

People of Hawai'i lets get together.  The road to Sovereignty is like the Spokes of a Wheel.  Go forward or back. The way to work is together. Don't fight or argue, COME TOGETHER.